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Villa-Aruch Firenze

Asmana Wellness World

Enter Asmana world, it is like opening the door to feel good. An oasis of peace in the Tuscan countryside. A place where the world of water merges with that of saunas and where, thanks to the beauty and sensory ceremonies, body and mind will be slowly regenerated and restored to their natural balance. The pleasure of sipping a cocktail at the pool bar or a chance to indulge even the pleasures of the palate make the world Asmana the ideal space in which to find their mental and physical balance. A charming environment, where you can spend a few hours or the whole day, but not only ... the moonlight and the sound of Tibetan bells, the pools become an enchanted place and steam saunas are mixed with the colors of the night.

Thanks to its philosophy of day SPA Resort, Asmana allows you to live an invaluable experience in one place.

Only if you reserve one or more nights in Villa Aruch, you will receive 10% discount on your entrance, showing your keys.

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